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Use THIS in your pre-workout for best results

Use THIS in your pre-workout for best results

It seems we’ve all been trained for years to avoid salt at all costs. And while consuming excessive amounts of salt does in fact put your health at risk, the right amount of the pink stuff is the best kept secret around. 

Pink himalayan salt, chemically, is similar to your average table salt. But, it is minimally processed and doesn’t require extra additives to keep it from clumping. It gets its color from a mix of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals - up to 84 to be exact! It is naturally rich in iodine, an effective mineral in creating electrolyte balance in your body.

When you workout, you lose electrolytes through your sweat. Including pink himalayan salt in your pre-workout drink or post workout routine helps you replenish these minerals! It is as simple as adding a pinch to your lemon water, or drinking the Stryve Nutrition Pre-Workout Powder which packs a healthy dose of hydrating ingredients.

This pink gem’s ability to replenish minerals in your body also means that you might experience reduced muscle cramps! 

Is Pink Himalayan Salt better than table salt? Ultimately, it is 98% sodium, so functionally, you will have the same benefits as table salt. The benefits are particularly important when you’re looking for a way to reap all the benefits, without any additives. 

Salt, in any form, is an important part of a healthy diet. From hydration to nerve and muscle function, healthy amounts of sodium are a critical part of healthy living.